Check out this scifi adventure series for kids (2nd to 6th grade).

Spit Mechs 2

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Release: July 1, 2017


Our favorite group of fourth graders in alien super suits is back! And they’ve been challenged to a game of baz ball by the galactic champions. They’re playing for the moon in this hilarious, winner-take-all match-up. The team will have to learn to work together to beat their brawling alien adversaries – or it’s good bye moon!

Spit Mechs

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(Versions: Paperback, Kindle)

SpitMechs Books

Preoccupied with his school talent show, fourth-grade genius Newton stumbles into his mother’s super-secret government experiment. When things go amuck, Newton and his best friends Jorge and Jane become a trio of reluctant heroes in alien super suits. It’s up to them to save the world. Homework can wait! (Until Tuesday.)