About Corbett Buchly

I like to share the insights, inspirations and challenges I encounter as a writer (of steampunk, science fiction and fantasy). In 2016, I began publishing a series of chapter books for kids (science fiction and 30s-style pulp) on Amazon. I also write adult novels of science fiction and sorcery, as well as poetry. Keep checking in with this blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter or my Instagram for future updates. Or to talk about steampunk, writing and other inspiring geekness.

Discover my chapter books here:
Spit Mechs
Spit Mechs 2
Squint & Rocket


  • B.A. Texas Christian University
  • M.P.W. University of Southern California

One thought on “About Corbett Buchly

  1. RedheadedBooklover says:

    Hi Corbett, sorry to comment like this but I could not find a contact form on your page. I am messaging you because I am really interested in reviewing your work. If this interests you then please do email me at: redheadedbookloverblog@gmail.com and we can discuss this more! Thanks so much!

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