About Corbett Buchly

I write serious poetry, literary fiction and science fiction. If you like talking about that sort of thing and buy me a cup of coffee, I will talk your ear clean off your head. I camp, repair things and make soap. Favorite authors include Galway Kinnell, Adrienne Rich, Bernard Malamud and China Miéville. Doctor Who and M*A*S*H are the greatest television programs ever (sorry, other programs).

To keep up with my publications and my inspirations, follow this blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter or my Instagram.

I also wrote these science fiction chapter books:
Spit Mechs
Spit Mechs 2
Squint & Rocket


  • B.A. Texas Christian University
  • M.P.W. University of Southern California

One thought on “About Corbett Buchly

  1. RedheadedBooklover says:

    Hi Corbett, sorry to comment like this but I could not find a contact form on your page. I am messaging you because I am really interested in reviewing your work. If this interests you then please do email me at: redheadedbookloverblog@gmail.com and we can discuss this more! Thanks so much!

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