These journals have published Corbett Buchly's poems.



“voice like linen,” Quail Bell Magazine, December 2022 (online)

“oak maple,” Plainsongs, Volume 42, Issue 2, Summer 2022 (print)

“writing backward on cave wall,” “nurture,” and “the line abused,” Rio Grande Review, Issue 57, Spring 2022 (print, online)

“stored in hives,” Panoply, Issue 21, Spring 2022 (online)

“on the effects of literacy,” “this window through,” and “soldier’s last stand,” The Ravens Perch, March 22, 2022 (online)

“shadow correspondence,” Willawaw Journal, Issue 14, Spring 2022 (online)

“life still moves in quarantine,” SLAB, Issue 16, Spring 2022 (print)

“the dagger,” Floyd County Moonshine, Issue 14.1, Spring 2022 (print)

“the mitt,” North Dakota Quarterly,  Issue 88.3/4, Fall/Winter 2021 (print)

“the squall,” Voices de la Luna, Volume 13, Number 4, August 2021 (print)

“I am another’s dream,” Dream Catcher, Issue 43, 2021 (print)

“watching sky,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2022, No. 24, 2021 (print)

“when the world ends,” The Sandy River Review, Volume 41, 2021 (print, online)

“4.4 billion” and “unplug. eat away. turn out.,” Canary, Issue 52, Spring 2021 (online)

“hollowed light” and “the long cry settling on dust,” Red Wolf Journal, Issue 17, Fall 2020 (online)

“seeds in flight” and “factious reptile & witness,” Canary, Issue 49, Summer 2020 (online)

“coiled drum bides in stillness,” The Interpreter’s House, Issue 74, June 2020 (online)

“adrift in the furrowed country of the past” and “transforming echo: a cry and a shout, the text enters night,” Harbinger Asylum, Spring 2020 (print)

“birthday,” North Dakota Quarterly,  Issue 86.3/4, Winter 2019 (print)

“Saint Juan of the kind word,” Barrow Street, Summer 2003 (print)


“The Extractor,” The Singularity, Issue 4, 2016 (print)