Disaster Update

The other day, I said to myself, “Self, you need to back up this novel. This copy on your laptop is the only one you have.” Neglecting my own advice, I proceeded to drop said laptop on the following day. After much ado with Best Buy and other third parties, I have come to the conclusion that the data is lost.

Strangely, this brought me some sense of relief, which led me to believe that I was writing the wrong story. I had invested so much time into it though, that I had been reluctant to extract myself and start anew.

So I have done just that: Began anew. Fear not, brave reader, this blog will continue. Why this very evening, I have created bold new vistas, startling fresh characters and plot twists to set your blood aboil. So stay tuned to this channel, bat fans, for the same gripping commentary and aspersions that you have come to expect.

The Inevitable Impressions of Good Writing

How often has this happened to you? You’re working on a novel, and simultaneously you’re reading a good book or story. And as you’re reading, you start thinking, “Hmm, maybe I should do something like that in my story.”

It happens to me constantly. I’m considering changing the entire genre/sub-genre of my novel just because I read a couple of good short stories. It’s crazy, right?

My excuse his time is that I’ve never read this particular genre/sub-genre, but still, it seems a bit drastic. Of course, I usually advocate drastic, so I’ll do it.

I never plagiarize, but I do tend to zero in on emotions, moods and character relationships. I was just reading a story about this group of friends who were a team with one, aristocratic leader. It was done very differently from what I was used to reading, and I became inspired.

Here’s a completely different thought I had recently. The word “unspeakable” is horrible, isn’t it? Because it’s non-specific, it calls on the worst possible thing you can think of, which is, of course, horrendous. It very much reminds of Lovecraft, who often referred to things so dark and horrible that to just know of them would drive a man insane.